Family beekeeping

since 1981

Sustainable beekeeping for now and the generations to come. 


The love for the bees

We see it as no coincidence that SOTIRIS ROUMELIOTIS fell in love with bees in 1981, the same year his first son, Vasileios, was born. As he walked the deep green fields of Arcadia, Greece, Sotiris began to see the way the bees stitched together a whole ecosystem, day after day, with the patient work of many small wings. Sotiris saw his son and wanted to give him the world in just the way the bees give us ours. 

In truth, we think he may have fallen in love with the bees because he was, already, A BEE AT HEART. Sotiris has an enduring patience for guiding the most intricate of natural processes to bloom. His craftsmanship is based on a deep respect for the expertise of bees, wanting only to bring their natural gifts to light through his care. He treats our bees as humans. They are the tiny, winged members of our family, their hives full of the love of our family home.


Over the years, Sotiris grew a farm of healthy hives, as well as A FAMILY OF 4 BEEKEEPERS, WHO EVOLVED TO "BEE SCIENTISTS"  as a family of 4 beekeepers, who evolved to "Bee Scientists" over the course of time, combining the love for the bees, daily hands-on experience, and further enriched with high academic knowledge. The Roumeliotis family was the first family in Greece to introduce organic and sustainable beekeeping, staying true to principles of health, ecology, and fairness towards the land and the bees.

Our expertise on beekeeping and has drawn the attention of high-end scientific institutes, namely the "Agricultural University of Athens" and the "Aristotle University of Thessaloniki", which -till now- have been trusting our sustainable and ethical beekeeping for their research and further scientific exploration on the field.

Our deep knowledge of the extraordinary benefits of bee remedies (honey, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax) to our health and our thorough research on their therapeutical properties on our skin, evolved our family honey business to a GLOBAL-STANDARDS INNOVATIVE WELL-BEING BRAND.



The euphoric Greek land

Surrounded by three mountains in the Peloponnese in Greece, it is so rich in fauna and especially flora, that it makes it the ideal place for our precious bees to collect their nectar and produce the best-quality honey, full of medicinal properties.

The abundance and diversity of plants, flowers and trees in combination with the auspicious climate, makes the land a truly magical place (no wonder it’s the synonym for Utopia or Idyllic paradise) that except for legends, Gods and myths, generously offers the most precious elixir of life.

Arcadian honey is the gift of mature for health, euphoria and strength and our bee products bring you all the bounty of Arcadia, restoring the pure beauty of nature within you.

Since 1981, our family was first to practice organic and ethical beekeeping in Arcadia, the Euphoric Greek land. ARCADIA, THE ORIGINAL PARADISE ACCORDING TO THE ANCIENT GREEKS Arcadia, the original Paradise according to the ancient Greeks and the epitome of unspoiled, harmonious wilderness in the Renaissance arts, is where our bees have their homes.



From Local Beekeeping

to a Global Eco-Skincare brand

We always seek the best in everything. We carefully select pure, natural and organic ingredients with proven efficacy that work synergistically. We put sky-high standards regarding the sourcing of the ingredients. We strictly reject any ingredients used in cosmetics and beauty products where research has cast doubt over their safety to our health. We provide evidence regarding our products’ safety and effectiveness through continuous lab tests and clinical studies.

Like a bee colony that evolves through teamwork and cooperation, we found the best people in their fields and perfected our natural scientific formulas, creating innovative eco bee-products that not only feel amazing but also look great.

Our extensive research on the properties of bee ingredients along with our invaluable experience in beekeeping, was essential to formulate the first antioxidant dermocosmetics in the world, with respect to the environment, and our precious bees. Our products proudly hold the Global Patent for the Highest Antioxidant activity compared to all tested skincare products.