No beekeeping was ever nurtured without ethics

If one way be better than another,

that you may be sure is nature's way.



Ethical Beekeeping

Bee-centered approach 

to hive management

Honeybees offer a rare opportunity to glimpse a ‘mirror world’, where humans may gain wisdom and insight into the world of bees, which is defiantly wild, but also gain knowledge on how our actions impact this world. As a small family-run local business, we have become acutely aware of the issues surrounding bees, and this has enabled us not only to educate ourselves on crucial earth-related bee-issues, but also educate other fellow-beekeepers in order to help the whole community to re-think end evaluate the conventional beekeeping management and hive design.

Retaining control through sustainable and "balanced" organic beekeeping

For almost 40 years, we have been promoting sustainable and "balanced" organic beekeeping practices so as to retain total control of the product quality while not harming the bees’ ecosystem. We do prepare each bee product by hand — from the beehive to the jar — in small batches on our farm in Arcadia, Greece, ensuring the highest quality health enhancements for both your body and your skin. To protect our bees, we only harvest up to 60% of our beehives’ production, leaving at least 40% of the honey on the honeycombs, while implementing a course of "balanced" actions to ensure sustainability for our earth, our pollinators, as well as ourselves and the generations to come.

Respect to the bees and

our own precious eco-system

We are already in the second generation of "ethical beekeepers" and we - patiently – strive to put the needs of the bee colony above that of the beekeeper. Our approach is a holistic one, based on the respect and love for the bee colony, prioritizing it over profit. We make honey sourcing and bee ingredients decisions based on purity rather than on profit, especially if they would mean harm on the bee ecosystem and therefore to our own ecosystem. Not an easy choice to make, which has definitely come with a cost; literal financial "cost", but definitely a gain for our planet and our conscience.

We believe that having good tasting products and beneficial bee ingredients for our skin is worth nothing if the methods used to produce them are not in line with nature. Although all of our bee products are triple-certified organic (USDA Organic, BioHellas, EU Organic Agriculture), this doesn't stop up moving forward and implementing higher standards in raising our hives on organically-managed land, and pushing the boundaries on enforcing further sustainable organic principles towards a completely bee-centered approach to hive management.

Beyond organic standards and certifications

Sustainable practices

Helping bees grow organically

The harvest for all of our honeys and bee ingredients, happens at the peak of the flowering and blooming season to ensure purity. All APICEUTICALS bee products are certified and they are all 100% pure, while the methods we implement are balanced, promote harmony between people and the environment and utilize sustainable beekeeping. 

LOCATIONS: All of our Apiaries (bee colonies) are placed in the geographic area of Arcadia, one of the most unspoiled natural land in Greece. We carefully select the apiary locations (approximately 28 km2) to be surrounded by native vegetation or organic operations, free of GMOs and pesticides.


HARVEST CONTROL: We only harvest up to 60% of the bee products, while leaving enough honey and pollen for the bees to feed on until next season. Artificial feeding is strictly avoided at all costs. We run annual quality laboratory tests on honey and bee by-products to ensure our honey is 100% pure, organic and without any single additive.


HIVE PROTECTION: We do not use any chemical glues and plastics for hive construction. We build hives by using recyclable naturally occurring materials such as wood. No chemical residues can be used in and around the hives (synthetic pesticides or other materials such as cleaning products or repellents, antibiotics or synthetic medicine, etc.)


HIVE TREATMENT: For the treatment of our beehives, we only intervene with the use of essential oils and natural extracts, 100% certified natural and organic.

HONEY EXTRACTION: Honey extraction is strictly done by configural methods and absolute lack of any heating process which jeopardizes the quality and the health benefits of the products. This is the reason why our multi-flower honey will crystallize over the course of time (vs. the never-crystallized flower honey, which is an indication the honey has passed through heating process during the extraction)​

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